Translational Medicine

Delivering on the promise of big data in healthcare, our Translational Medicine offering utilizes Avec® to bring insight to bedside. Avec® gives physicians access to the vast data available within EMRs, ongoing research databases, and other sources of data crucial to diagnosing and treating patients with precision.

  • Push discovery into treatment
  • Integrate clinical and other primary research data
  • Query across patient populations on clinical and bench data
  • Enable analysis and correlation development
  • Biomarker and cohort discovery
  • Capable of incorporating proprietary, shared, and syndicated data sources, compatible with  dbGaP, Excel, Access and others
HOW AVEC® POWERS PRECISION MEDICINE   Avec® creators Dr. Philip Payne and Dr. Peter Embi sit down for an  all-content, no-frills discussion on true interoperability through the lens of  precision medicine and how viewing all disease as rare disease impacts research  and care.     WATCH NOW