Institutional Research

Our Institutional Research offering provides everything you need to empower research and patient care. And with Avec®, no single standard is necessary.

As institutions designed to treat patients and conduct meaningful research continue to become more complex with increasing amounts of data, they often fail to fully engage this data in the treatment of patients and the fight against disease. Our focused expertise in both clinical and research environments provides all that’s needed to empower research and patient care.

  • Integrate with any EMR
  • Cross discipline approach to cancer and rare disease
  • Addresses deindentification, deduplication, and IRB concerns
  • Secure and HIPAA compliant
  • Maximize existing research data warehouse without duplication
  • Accelerate the impact of research information exchange
TRUE INTEROPERABILITY, REALIZED.    Compromise is no longer the gold standard in data sharing—whether it's among  geographically disparate collaborators or within the walls of your own  institution. It’s time to see more, learn more and do more. Discover the Avec®  advantage today.    READ THE WHITE PAPER