Collaborative Research

Our Collaborative Research offering improves research quality and capability for some of the most prestigious collaborative research organizations in the world. The power of Avec® is unparalleled in the collaborative research environment, where true interoperability can be nothing short of miraculous in its impact on human lives.

True interoperability overcomes complex obstacles to the data (disparity of data, facility location, privacy, security and permissions, to name a few), and impacts human lives. Our offering has been purposefully designed to meet these needs, empowering researchers and clinicians to collaborate on a level not previously possible. It has proven especially powerful in the area of rare disease research.

  • Maintain ownership of your data
  • Scalable and secure, expanding collaboration and insight development
  • Allows for complex governance and permissions
  • No duplication of data
  • No single standard necessary; no change in process required
  • Takes team science to new heights
  • Adding sites and/ or team members is seamless

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SECURITY (OR LACK THEREOF) IS A KNOWN CHALLENGE OF COLLABORATION.    Learn why it's finally safe to stop making false choices between sharing and  security in Achieving Healthcare Data Security Through Deliberate Design:  Defeat Discovery Deadlock with Avec®.     READ THE WHITE PAPER