BioPharma Explorer

We understand engaging in biopharmaceutical research presents unique challenges among pharmaceutical companies, academic and government institutions, accountable care organizations (ACOs) and contract research organizations (CROs). Avec® is particularly suited to coordinate and accelerate discovery in this cooperative, yet highly competitive, and often geographically disparate environments.

For institutions and CROs seeking to participate in clinical trials and research, Avec® enables swift response to research opportunities and clinical trials, both grant-sponsored and commercial. Avec® provides immediate and complete access to patient population data—in a single query—and our services are aligned to address even the most stringent data use requirements and inclusion criteria.

Avec® brings order to disparate data once singularly applied but stored in the hope of future insight. For pharmaceutical companies seeking new insights in data amassed through years of investment and hard work and seldom stored in just one place, Avec® makes it easy for investigators to find, see and use this wealth of hidden insights.

For those looking to collaborate and share in discovery, Avec ® respects these partnerships and facilitates collaboration through data sharing by honoring the most complex agreements. Avec® can help large organizations span the divide of its own departments and silos as well as unite geographically dispersed divisions and external collaborators. We believe technology should never be a barrier to working together towards a cure. This is why Avec® enables individual-based permissions at site level, establishing both access and restrictions that bring momentum to shared insight, while maintaining privacy and data ownership.

  • Mine disparate data as it is, where it is
  • Cohort discovery
  • Rare disease application
  • Access to full record allows investigator to filter for prior treatment and co-morbidities
  • Enables longitudinal evaluation
  • Establishes permissions and restrictions necessary to honor collaborative research agreements
  • HIPAA compliant and integrates with current patient permissions databases
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