We understand healthcare. And we understand the needs of our clients are as diverse as the data we work with each day. Explore how we are leveraging our expertise and experience by viewing our industry-specific offerings below.



Collaborative Research

We know that breakthroughs rarely happen in isolation. It requires collaboration among organizations and individuals that share a common drive and passion for the problem. But the challenge lies in bridging disparate methods, datasets, and distances to share data.

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Translational Medicine

Translating research insights to patient treatment at the speed of discovery has the potential to profoundly impact human lives. This is the ultimate promise of big data in medicine, but requires complete data access and complete answers to queries.


Institutional Research

It can be difficult for clinicians and researchers to access and share data, even within the walls of a single institution or a connected network of healthcare providers. We recognize your unique challenges to providing physicians and investigators easy access to all the data available—even when it's your data.


BioPharma Explorer

Successfully engaging in biopharmaceutical research presents unique challenges among pharmaceutical companies, academic and government institutions, ACOs and CROs. Technology should never be a barrier to working together towards a cure. Let Avec® make it easy.


Population Health

To positively impact the health and well-being of the communities in which we live, researchers and clinicians need to explore data, spot trends, identify anomalies and act upon concerns quickly—and significantly. A complete dataset, with fluid access to both solicited and unsolicited data, is key.

IT'S ABOUT PATIENTS.  True interoperability is about more than code…it’s a moral imperative. Meet  the human face of interoperability in the words of our co-founders, Dr. Philip  Payne and Dr. Peter Embi, who work daily in the field of healthcare.  READ THE POV