Say Goodbye to
Data Disappointment.

Avec® is the premier data integration platform deliberately designed to integrate healthcare data in complex and disparate environments.

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Where Other Platforms Promise and Fail, Avec® Delivers.

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Easily Access ALL of Your Data for True Discovery.

Enable researchers and clinicians to view, access, search and coalesce all data in one place. Avec integrates with existing data repositories and shared data lakes—allowing full and fast access to disparate data.

With Avec, healthcare professionals can finally use data to:

  • Create a longitudinal view of patient healthcare information
  • Quickly identify cohorts and subsets to determine eligibility of patients for trial
  • Create a pipeline of data during clinical trial

Features and Functions:

  • Intuitive UI
  • Query Library
  • Row Level Data

Share Data and Collaborate
— Securely.

Safely share data across the organization and with outside partners. Avec ensures your data is secure when stored, in transfer, or at rest.

Avec enables you to:

  • Retain full ownership of your data
  • De-identify patient information
  • Align permissions with security agreements
  • Ensure HIPAA-compliance

Features and Functions:

  • Single Log-in
  • Best In Class Security Protocols
  • Retain Ownership of Data

Integrate & Use
Without Interruption.

Leave your data where it is, as it is, with no disruption to current workflows, policies or procedures. As a federated data platform, Avec allows you to harmonize disparate data to maximize your investments. Other platforms promise, but don't deliver.

Avec enables you to:

  • Harmonize data without disrupting the source
  • Use a single query to access relevant data stored in any format or language
  • Achieve return on former investments in data collection

Features and Functions:

  • Easily Integrates with BI Tools
  • No Single Standard Needed
  • Federated Data Model

Avec is All Action—and No Hype.

Here's how Avec delivers all of your data. For more in-depth information, hover over the schematic and click the yellow beacons.

Research Technical Specs

•  Works with any analytics option •  Ensures investments in analytics and data visualization tools have access to all data possible ANALYTICS •  Shares complete data results, both aggregated and actual data •  Advanced query functionality allows  healthcare professionals to ask more questions and receive more complete answers APPLICATIONS & REPORTING • De-duplicates, de-identifies, maps & annotates the data •  Exposes data in a secure fashion VIRTUAL APPLIANCE • Avec® can be deployed on premise and/or in the Cloud • Data continues to live at each individual site FLEXIBLE & LIGHTWEIGHT • Normalizes data • Offers proprietary structural mapping • Compatible with all standard vocabularies PROPRIETARY DATA DICTIONARY • Services include (but are not limited to): Authentication, authorization, federated query processing service, index service/registry, trust fabric service, semantic mapping tool. • SOA enables secure transfer of data. Manages load balancing and offers horizontal scalability for adding services as needed. SHARED INFRASTRUCTURE Services grab requested data. SERVICES

This is the Power of
Harmonized Data.

Avec overcomes systemic barriers to data sharing and delivers successful data integration and harmonization in and among consortia, institutions and health professionals around the world.

One of the nation's top cancer research and care hospitals looks to Avec for timely, safe and secure access to data.

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