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Avec® is the first - and only - commercial federated data integration platform to bring true interoperability to healthcare.



The promise of big data in healthcare is inextricably tied to the promise of interoperability. Industry futurists have pondered interoperability’s possible impact on medicine and treatment, if, and when, it’s finally a reality. We believe the wait is over—and that future is achievable now.

True Interoperability

True interoperability is no longer a near-impossible goal…it’s here. Avec® truly connects your data—regardless of how you collect it, the manner in which it’s stored, where it’s stored, how it’s structured or what language it speaks.

Flexible, Scalable, Collaborative

Is your solution flexible and collaborative enough to grow with your needs? Avec® is. It offers minimal infrastructure requirements, compatibility with disparity of source data, and an ability to integrate with established processes.

Purpose-built for healthcare

Avec® was built for use in complex research and care environments. Not only is our platform aligned to your work, but our experienced associates are, too.  In a sea of seemingly incompatible healthcare data, we bring it all together.

•  Works with any analytics option •  Ensures investments in analytics and data visualization tools have access to all data possible ANALYTICS •  Shares complete data results, both aggregated and actual data •  Advanced query functionality allows  healthcare professionals to ask more questions and receive more complete answers APPLICATIONS & REPORTING • De-duplicates, de-identifies, maps & annotates the data •  Exposes data in a secure fashion VIRTUAL APPLIANCE • Avec™ can be deployed on premise and/or in the Cloud • Data continues to live at each individual site FLEXIBLE & LIGHTWEIGHT • Normalizes data • Offers proprietary structural mapping • Compatible with all standard vocabularies PROPRIETARY DATA DICTIONARY • Services include (but are not limited to): Authentication, authorization, federated query processing service, index service/registry, trust fabric service, semantic mapping tool. • SOA enables secure transfer of data. Manages load balancing and offers horizontal scalability for adding services as needed. SHARED INFRASTRUCTURE Services grab requested data. SERVICES


Now that you've met Avec®, learn how our platform fuels our healthcare oriented offerings and view examples of our work in greater detail.



Our clients are our partners. An organization’s decision to purchase and employ Avec® is only the beginning of our endeavor together. We’ll be there through installation, implementation, SLAs and technical support, and we’ll provide training for both information services and the end user. We’re committed to serving your ongoing needs because we believe the software is but one thing—and our service is everything.