Say Goodbye to Data Disappointment– Say Hello to AVEC®

Tired of the manual, time-consuming and cumbersome process required to access relevant data? Us, too. So we built the premier data integration platform that gives health professionals complete access to all of their data — instantly and intuitively. Where many promise yet fail, Avec delivers.

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Use Your Data The Way You've Always Wanted. Finally.

Accelerate discovery without relying on data centralization, interrupting existing workflows, or adhering to a proprietary standard. What could you accomplish if bringing all of your data together was easy, fast, and secure?

  • A longitudinal view of patient healthcare information

  • Insights that facilitate population health objectives

  • Cohort identification and clinical trial enrollment

  • Ensure HIPAA- and security-compliant data sharing

  • Research support in translational medicine

  • Leverage investments and clinical value of all your data

  • Improve business intelligence and analytics

  • All of your data, fully harmonized, standardized and normalized

See How Avec Solved a Data Disappointment

Harmonize Disparate Data.

Connect all of your data regardless of how it's stored, where, or in what language.

Drive Real Impact, Faster.

Harmonizing your data is more than code. Data represents a real person — a friend or family member in need of, or receiving care. The institutions we serve are tirelessly committed to improving people's lives, and we are honored to support their work.

If data remains in isolation, then precision medicine does as well.

Philip R.O. Payne, PhD, FACMI
Director, Institute for Informatics, Robert J. Terry Professor

Discover the Avec Advantage.

For more than a decade, healthcare interoperability has been top of mind for IT leaders, practitioners, investigators and administrators. Yet, current technologies fall short on their claims to achieve it. Read our white paper to learn how Avec is different — and why it matters to you.

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